McCloud CSD water is good to drink!

Notice MCSD water safe to drink


June 26, 2017

To: McCloud Community Services District Customers

The District office has received calls of concern regarding our drinking water.  McCloud CSD’s water supply is unaffected by the contamination found in Mount Shasta’s drinking water.  McCloud CSD’s water is safe to drink. Our water sources and delivery system are independent from those used in Mount Shasta.  Our most recent water samples were negative for the presence of E. Coli.  We sample twice a month and have shown no indication of water contamination.

Mount Shasta officials have indicated that they are investigating the source of the contamination, treating the water and taking follow up samples.

Please do not hesitate to call the office with any questions, comments or concerns (530) 964-2017.


Kimberly Paul

General Manager