State Water Resources Control Board lifts water restrictions for Small Suppliers effective June 1st!

The State Water Resources Control Board, SWRCB, adopted a new water conservation approach Wednesday May 18th that replaces the prior conservation regulation.  The new regulation is effective June 1st  and will remain in effect through January 2017.

The new regulation replaces the percentage based conservation standard with an approach that mandates urban water suppliers (Supplying over 3.000 connections) act now to ensure at least a three year supply of water to their customers under drought conditions.  The new regulation lifts the conservation requirements of small water suppliers like MCSD other than reporting requirements, but keeps in place the specific prohibitions against individual water users.  Those prohibitions include watering down a sidewalk with a hose instead of using a broom or a brush, or overwatering a landscape to where water is running off the lawn, over a sidewalk and into the gutter. Prohibitions directed to the hospitality industry also remain in place.


05/18/2016 SWRCB Revised Regulation Text

05/18/2016 SWRCB Press Release regarding Revised Water Conservation Regulation effective June 1, 2016