Committees of the Board of Directors

Committee meetings are an informal and effective way to become involved in your local government. Public input is vital in committee meetings!

These are two types of committees, standing committees which are permanent and ad hoc or advisory committees which are temporary.

Standing Committees
These committees meet on a regularly established schedule. Agendas are posted in three locations: District Office, Post Office, and the Mercantile Building downtown.  Meetings are held at the Scout Hall.  Two members of the Board are assigned by the President of the Board to each committee.  Committees may also include District staff and/or residents and the general public is encouraged to attend. There is no particular limiting number of committee members, but no more than two board members may be on any committee.

Please confirm meeting dates and times through the District office. All committee meetings are held at the Scout Hall, 405 E. Colombero Drive, unless otherwise noted on the meeting agenda.

We have the following standing committees:

  • Finance & Audit
    • Cathy Young, Terry Hitchcock
  • Policy Review
    • Michael Rorke (Chair), Terry Hitchcock
  • Public Works
    • Raymond Zanni (Chair), Michael Rorke
  • Safety
    • Chuck Ott, Cathy Young
  • Old McCloud Courthouse
    • Terry Hitchcock, Chuck Ott

Advisory (Ad-Hoc) Committees
These committees are formed by the Board President to perform research, complete reports or fulfill specific purposes which are not on-going in nature. Advisory committees meet on an as-needed basis and are disbanded once their assigned projects are completed.  There are no current advisory (ad-hoc) committees assigned.

We have the following ad hoc committees:

  • Fire Department
    • Raymond, Zanni, Chuck Ott